Three HIIT exercises that will help boost your metabolism

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If I managed to convince you in my last blog post on the effectiveness of HIIT you might still be wondering “OK, how do I go about doing this?” Well, I’m going to help you start off slow with a few HIIT exercises that will torch fat off your body.


Any exercise on battle ropes

Battle ropes are becoming more common place in gyms and for good reason. After a few rounds of 30s sets on this thing you will be huffing and puffing. On top of being great for cardio, battle rope can also enhance shoulder development and increase grip strength. Alternating waves are an excellent exercise to perform for beginners.


Here’s a video that demonstrates alternating waves along with other exercises on the battle ropes:


Sprints/Hill sprints

For many people their go-to exercise for burning fat is hopping on a treadmill and jogging at a low intensity for about an hour. In reality, going at a maximal or near maximal sprint for a shorter period is more effective AND a lot less boring (depending on how you look at it).


Here is a great video that quickly takes you through a sprinting interval workout



Hill sprints are a great alternative, not only because they are more intense but also because it is lower impact and can improve your running mechanics because it naturally causes better foot placement. To start find a hill with a slight incline and keep the sprints to about 100m. You can build from there as you improve.

Check out this instructional video below:

Broad jumps/Total body extension


Just as any jumping exercise, broad jumps are a fantastic one to add to your workout and can have great benefits for your metabolism.

The video below provides a good demonstration:



Total body extensions are a great low impact alternative that can be just as intense and explosive. Click on the video below to see it performed and explained



Beginner HIIT workout


Alternating waves (battle rope) 30s

Active rest (jog in place) 30s

Broad jumps or total body extension 30s

Active rest (jog in place) 30s

(repeat 4 times. After 1 round rest for 1 minute and do a second round)


In your first month do this about three times a week. Afterwards cut the active rest from 30s to 15s.

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