Meet Ezzedin

Owner and Trainer

I have always strived to conquer new challenges in the gym, so naturally that passion for fitness led me to become a personal trainer. Since making this career change I never looked back. To me, leading clients to achieving their goals and guiding them along their fitness journeys are truly rewarding.


My programs ensure that my clients stay tested while keeping the workouts enjoyable. I believe that your progress in fitness can feed into self-improvement in other areas of your life, whatever they may be.



Canfitpro PTS

StrongFirst Kettlebell Course



My Approach

After the initial assessment I carefully plan out the next six months of training based on the results of the assessment and your goals. I also find it very important that you enjoy the training that I provide which is why I incorporate many forms of training into your sessions which may include: weight training, kettlebells, boxing, movement training, running (long distance and sprints) other forms of training which can be implemented using the HIIT method.


What is HIIT?

It stands for high intensity interval training. It is a surprisingly addictive form of training which requires you to perform exercises in short bursts of maximal or near maximal efforts with short periods of rest in between. This leads to an elevated metabolism in which the body metabolizes it's fat stores for up to 36 hours after the workout. This is what is referred to as the after burn effect. This effect makes HIIT training much more efficient at burning fat than slow steady state cardio.

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